Canada North 2025 SME Event Series

Join us for this introductory series focused on SME emerging trends and sustainable transformation. For more information, contact your local Chamber.

Canada North: Competitiveness & Supply Chain Advantage

Society, governments & Supply Chains increasingly nudging SMEs to take action on Sustainability (Net Zero, ESG & Purpose). SME access to
Sustainable Financing options will increasingly unlock ‘action’ & value
creation (meeting requirements for Banks, Insurance & stakeholders).

Inaugural Leadership Series: ESG for SMEs

Goodman Sustainability Group is a trusted consultant and ESG curriculum provider for the Canadian Chamber of Commerce’s SME Institute. We are delighted to introduce Canada’s first demystified curriculum for SMEs linked to their business reality.

Reconciliation, Trade & Competitiveness

In collaboration with the Sault Ste. Marie Chamber of Commerce, we are delighted to introduce this series on SME action on Sustainability (ESG/Purpose) in Canada’s North.