Corporate Purpose

Simplified & Demystified






Pressing societal & climate issues remain the challenge of our time.  Society and governments urging firms to deliver both shareholder & societal value – the tide has turned.

Our mandate anchors on supporting the ‘mainstreaming, democratizing & adoption’ of sustainability across all of civil society.  We help to demystify the agenda, encourage action – for all sizes of firms in the developed & developing world. 

We tackle the challenges through an ‘eco-systems’ approach – acknowledging that momentum on global sustainability is likely impeded unless corporations, entrepreneurs, Not-For-Profits, governments, cities and citizens collaborate in a different way

We urge our clients to consider a wider lens:  Unlocking Sustainable Value & competitive advantage through the adoption of Corporate Purpose – by answering WHY your brand exists beyond a ‘profit only’ model.   

Service Offering

We collaborate with a roster of Tier I global
deep expertise in Net Zero, ESG & Corporate Purpose.


ESG and Social Purpose Expertise: Consulting & Verification Services

SMEs: Supply Chain Competitiveness: Sustainability Preparedness

Government Relations (managing complex multi-Stakeholder Forums)

Indigenous Community Partner Expertise


ESG and Social Purpose Expertise: Consulting & Verification Services

SMEs: Supply Chain Competitiveness: Sustainability Preparedness

Government Relations (managing complex multi-Stakeholder Forums)

Indigenous Community Partner Expertise

Deep expertise in Energy Intensive Trade-Exposed Sectors: Oil & Gas, Metals & Mining

ENERGY TRANSITION Consulting Services Scope I, II, III – Climate Risk Assessments.

Climate Change Mitigation, Adaptation and Litigation Risk

Strategy, Reputation Risk and Brand Promise

Stakeholder Engagement


ESG performance measurement

Stakeholder Disclosure and Communication Strategies


The Issue

SOCIETAL ISSUES have now become Boardroom & SME Supply Chain issues! Society and government moving in unison urging firms to remedy matters of climate, inequity and inequality - while concurrently delivering shareholder value and social value. TRUST is becoming the new currency.

The Opportunity

"ESG & Corporate Purpose" – now the strategic duo as a BUSINESS ESSENTIAL, the new Frontier for Sustainability

“Defining and owning your social purpose is the most critical competitive advantage of our time. Bring your leadership to the most important challenges that business and society face. Make the leap forward.”

Our Thinking


Goodman Sustainability Group has pioneered a proven framework that empowers organizations to consider a Social Purpose agenda – one that is fit for purpose, transparent and quantifiable.

Our Ethos

We help organizations understand Social Purpose as a necessary underpinning – ensuring their long-term business viability.

Being Clear About Corporate Social Purpose

Old model “Corporate Social Responsibility” and the new world of Social Purpose is like buying a ticket to a play versus acting in it.

Social purpose companies take actionable overt steps to be part of the long-term solution/fix – by partnering and applying business insights to complex societal issues. As corporations consider Social Purpose, tackling the root cause of a problem rather than simply funding its symptoms – brings optimal societal benefit (and shareholder value creation).


Corporate sustainability

We enable organizational and board governance discussions regarding the management of societal risk.

Merging investor and societal lenses

Practical templates for understanding how your organization can think about risk and the imperative for this dual agenda consideration.

Considering a foundational guiding principle

Court a willingness to collaborate with authenticity without undermining an organizational value creation agenda — setting the tone from the top down.

Embedding the model

Encouraging organizations to embed societal purpose into their entire corporate structure and board governance model.

Embedding the model

Stakeholder Clarity

Understanding Stakeholder complexities early on - allows for more optimal outcomes.

Single stakeholder category challenge

One issue, one line of site to advocate with government (relatively easy to resolve).

Multiple stakeholder challenge

Multiple stakeholders who don’t agree.  High need to manage a consensus approach along with cohesive new metrics (complex to resolve but possible).

Extreme stakeholder challenge

One complex issue with a non-consensus future state, non-consensus solution, metric, or agreement about who the legitimate stakeholders are (no clear resolution example, although meaningful progress is possible).

Government Relations & Stakeholder Alliances

Understanding Stakeholder complexities early on - allows for more optimal outcomes.

Indigenous affairs

Faith Goodman has a history of building authentic and collaborative formal alliances with First Nations and Metis communities in Manitoba, Canada. As Founder of Until The Last Child, her innovation work is profiled at

Climate policy

Canada is a world-leading climate policy jurisdiction. Each Canadian province has taken a “boutique policy approach” for energy and climate policy matters – in addition to that of the federal government. This jurisdictional complexity remains a challenge for organizations. Our well positioned expertise to navigate discussions on low carbon fuels and LFE emissions remains current.

Social impact bonds

Social Impact Bonds – an emerging field globally. This innovation allows for public/private partnerships to tackle costly and complex social policy issues by leveraging new sources of funding. Faith Goodman has been a pioneer in partnering with stakeholders on Canada’s first Social Impact Bond for child welfare.

Industry bench-marking

We have over a decade of experience with Solomon and Associates’ Complexity-Weighted Barrel benchmark model, currently used throughout Europe, California, Alberta, Ontario and the Canadian Federal Government. This model allows energy-intensive trade-exposed entities to credibly understand and measure progress against a global facility population of similar type. 

Underpinning transparency

We help organizations ensure their mission, vision, and governance model all have a clear line of sight to both the shareholder and societal pre-eminence lens.  

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