Transformative Leadership with Matt Haggman

The ESG and Impact Debate – where is the new frontier and why does it matter? What role does ‘Leadership Conviction” play in quest & momentum for Net Zero, ESG & Purpose Impact?

Sustainable Cities with Patricia L. McCarney & Manuel Pila

The World Council on City Data – Briefing Document that provides a good overview of the WCCD’s ISO 37120 Series of certifications. The City of Doral has received
certifications for ISO 37120 (Global Indicators for Sustainable Cities) and ISO 37122 (Global Indicators for Smart Cities). Doral now working on ISO 37123 (Global Indicators for Resilient Cities). City of Doral required to provide quite a
verifiable data that can be shared with investors that want to take a deeper dive into our economy, demographics and municipal practices. The WCCD compares the data from each of the certified cities in a proportional manner to help place city in a global context.